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Permaculture Courses

Permaculture Courses

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Each year we teach a variety of permaculture courses at different venues and events around the country. The courses listed below happen at around the same time each year, just click on the headings to learn more about them.

FarmEd Introduction to permaculture

16th July 2021

A one-day introduction to permaculture on the FarmEd demonstration farm in the beautiful Cotswolds.


Kitchen Gardening at The Sustainability Centre

19th – 20th June 2021

Part 1 of the two-weekend Kitchen Gardening course at The Sustainability Centre in Hampshire which covers the basics and more for creating an easy to manage, productive food garden. Drawing on traditional and permaculture methods and techniques this course is ideal for beginners and more seasoned gardeners alike. This weekend focuses on winter and spring jobs such as preparing for the coming season, soil care and planning for a continual harvest.

Shift Bristol Practical Sustainability Course

Annually: September – July

A veritable cornucopia of practical permaculture, from ecology and soil through to low impact building and green energy. This course is highly recommended for those who want to delve deeper into the practical applications of permaculture.

Schumacher College Practical Residency in Sustainable Horticulture

Annually: March – September

A 6 month practical residency at the renowned Schumacher College in Dartington, Devon, Guides students through the growing season in the beautiful college gardens with inspiring teachers and trips to explore different approaches to sustainable growing.