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Accessible, Flexible, Interactive

Learn at home, in your own time, with interactive contact with other learners and your tutor Caroline Aitken.

  • This course is now open for enrolment.
  • Participants can enrol anytime until 1st September.
  • The final project submission date is 1st October 2020.
  • The course closes on 1st December 2020.

This online study opportunity offers you all of the content at an affordable cost and using your own land or garden as your outdoor classroom. So you can easily put everything you learn into practice in a way that’s useful and meaningful to you, step by step.

If you have your own land, whether garden, allotment, woodland or farm, you can use it for the site of your projects, making the course particularly relevant to you. But this is not necessary and any land in your locality which you have access to can give you a rich learning experience.

This Permaculture Design Course is certified by the Permaculture Association of Britain. This is a qualification recognised by the permaculture community internationally.

The course includes:

  • a wealth of information in text, images, films and presentations
  • recorded webinars with a variety of well-known and inspiring tutors
  • tutor support throughout your study
  • many practical activities embedded in the course material
  • links to a wide range of additional content on the internet
  • a range of practical projects which you can undertake, with personal feedback from your tutor
  • a forum where course participants can share ideas and experience

More details of the course schedule, topics and projects:

Course Content



Including certification.

We can offer concessionary rates, payment in instalments and discounts for couples both taking the course. These are decided on a case by case basis, so please contact us if you would like to discuss it.


To book onto any of the modules or the whole course begin by creating a user account on the website:  then email: to discuss payment and enrollment.



“The lesson materials are the best I have seen so far.”
Maranke Spoor

“I am very grateful for Patrick Whitefield’s online courses and their interactive format. [The course] has given me greater confidence to put the things I learned from this course into application and set out on my own.”
– Rita Khawand

“I have enjoyed Patrick Whitefield’s Land Course Online immensely. It offers a comprehensive education in sustainable living and horticulture. The information within the five modules is invaluable both to a domestic situation and field scale production.”
– Andrew Astle

“The Land Course Online, including the Permaculture Design Course, was great value for money. The material is well structured, challenging and interesting and it is easy to access and navigate around the site. The online discussions and conferences provide for interesting interaction with others. The course allows time to work at your own speed and to dig deeper into areas that particularly interest you.”
– Jenny Methven

“The LCO and PDC was a great learning experience for me.  It offered me the chance to learn as and when I could and also with the seasons.  Caroline was a fantastic tutor and really took the time to give constructive feedback on projects.  I would recommend this course to pretty much everyone and anyone!”

– Lyn McLardy

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Permaculture Design Course on Dartmoor