Heathercombe Permaculture Design Course

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Date(s) - Saturday 14th March 2020 - Sunday 29th March 2020

The classic 2 week residential permaculture design course, certified by the Permaculture Association UK.

This practical course will bring the possibility of significant and positive life changes. Although permaculture is most commonly thought about in connection with gardening & farming, its principles, ethics and design methods can be adapted and used in each individual’s own work, interests, community and home to bring about a more harmonious & sustainable lifestyle, and this course will be particularly rich in people-based permaculture, along with lots of land-based content as well. Permaculture offers a perspective on all aspects of building a sustainable future. Permaculture encourages us to use our individual skills, knowledge and interests, whilst drawing on traditional wisdom, science and our innate ability to observe and learn from the world around us.

Course participants will be awarded the Permaculture Association (Britain)’s internationally recognised Certificate in Permaculture Design.

The Venue:

heathercombe-1 permaculture design courseThe High Heathercombe Centre is situated at 1250feet, high in the Dartmoor National Park, backing onto the open moor and adjoining Heathercombe woodlands. The centre looks out over the valley towards Easdon Tor, providing a beautiful, tranquil setting for a variety of activities and courses throughout the year. We offer self-catering facilities to youth and community based charities, and run a wide public programme of courses and events, including Creative Family Weeks, Retreats, Arts and Crafts Courses, Permaculture Training and Volunteer Weeks. The developing vision for High Heathercombe incorporates permaculture principles, sustainability, arts and crafts, forest school and an embryonic organic vegetable garden. The Centre is run on a charitable basis by the High Heathercombe Trust.

Learning outcomes:

  • To observe patterns in nature & apply what we learn to create guiding principles.
  • To use permaculture ethics, principles & design tools to create sustainable systems.
  • To understand the importance of caring for soil & water, & to know techniques for doing so.
  • To start using permaculture in your own life and community, towards creating a more sustainable lifestyle.
  • To understand how to apply permaculture design to both land-based & non-land-based systems.

Subjects covered:

Boundaries & limiting factors ~ Observation skills ~ Site surveying ~ Permaculture ethics & principles ~Design methods ~ Soil conservation, types, texture & factors in fertility ~ The work that reconnects ~Kitchen gardening ~ Integrated pest management ~ Water & sewage treatment ~ Group Process skills ~Agroforestry & Forest gardening ~ Trees & their Microclimates ~ Nature connection ~ Patterns in nature~ Food choices ~ Ecological footprinting ~ Sustainable economics ~ Urban permaculture ~ Green architecture ~ Wild food ~ Non-violent communication ~ Accelerated learning techniques ~ Permaculture of the self ~ The Permaculture Association & Diploma WorkNet ~ Where next? & lots more……aitken permaculture design course

Empowerment is the essence of the course. We will be using practical, experiential and theoretical teaching methods to create a fun, lively & inclusive course. The course culminates in the main design activity that helps to consolidate all of the learning & empower students to take permaculture back into their own homes, lives & community. As a group we will benefit from collaborative learning & from having fun together. We don’t expect any previous knowledge & recognise that everyone has their own unique skills, knowledge & areas of interest to bring to the course.


The lead tutors are Aranya, Caroline Aitken with supporting tutor Mel Lamb of the High Heathercombe Centre.


For more information and booking enquiries go to the Learn Permaculture website.

Permaculture Design Course on Dartmoor