Hazelrowan wood no dig market garden

Hazelrowan Wood, A No-Dig Market Garden in South Devon. Photo by Dan Kijowski

Big or small, town or country, detailed design or informal chat – whatever your requirements we can help. Whether you have taken a permaculture course or not, a bit of advice is often the one thing you need to get you going on your own land, whether that’s a small urban garden or a large smallholding.

We offer a flexible service which covers the whole spectrum, from a walk-round followed by a chat over the kitchen table, to a detailed design with maps, plans and planting lists. We find that most of our clients opt for the simpler end of the range. Those big, broad-brush decisions are always the most important and can make all the difference between success and failure. Filling in the detail is easier.

But we are very happy to meet your individual requirements, right up to a complete permaculture design.

DomesticOur permaculture consultant is Caroline Aitken.

Fees – for corporate and funded clients, £300 per day for private clients, £200 per day. Plus travel and accommodation expenses. The daily rate is charged for time spent traveling to and from the site, and any report-writing etc which takes place off site.

Concessionary rates are available for people on low incomes. If you would like to apply please contact us outlining your circumstances.

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